About our project

What is Future Me for students?
A place where you can make friends, talk to a mentor and discover your path! Find out more about STEM degrees, career opportunities or just find a friend to rely on in the future.

What is Future Me for mentors?
A place where you can use your voice for good. Share your experiences and empower students. Improve your communication skills, meet other mentors and grow your network. More exciting perks are coming soon!

What is STEM?

In short: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths-related degrees.

STEM courses are exciting, fast-moving and impact society on many levels. You could be part of the next technological innovation, using your skills to research medical solutions or creating machinery for a range of sectors

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Why should students register for Future Me?

To start making informed decisions. To help others and to work together and offer equal opportunities to everyone! Future Me is about making friends that support each other grow, and we would like you to be part of our community!

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What are the benefits for mentors?

Mentors also benefit from joining Future Me: from calls to find out about career opportunities, to workshop sessions aimed at developing your skills. Help students, improve your leadership and communication abilities and meet other mentors in your industry!

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Meet the team


Co-founder & Strategy Specialist
Alice is in her 3rd year studying Computer Science with Business at Uni of Manchester. Throughout the years she met many cool people and friends that offered her great support and advice, and took part in projects aimed at helping high school and uni students succeed academically and professionally, such as PASS and How to College!


Co-founder & Technology Specialist
Paul is in his 3rd year, studying Computer Science with Business at the University of Manchester. He is very passionate about team working and finance related problems faced by society. His previous position as Software Engineer in investment banking has given him an overview on how to properly create a network of people.


Head of Product
Stuthi is in her 4th year studying Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews. She is particularly interested in the role that technology plays in business strategy. Being part of an under-represented minority in her field, she is passionate about encouraging others to consider pursuing STEM degrees as well.


Head of PR
Hayaat graduated Mechanical Engineering with Management at the University of Manchester. She is passionate about empowering young people from all backgrounds to pursue careers in finance and technology and generally making paths into STEM and finance more accessible.